Color Mixing: The Importance of Utilizing a Color Chart

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Color Mixing: The Importance of Utilizing a Color Chart

By causing pigment planneds, you are able to teach yourself basic pigment presumption. Better still, when you’re in the midst of a cover and encounter a problem, you can consult a pigment map to assist you end what the hell is do.


Imagine that you’re coating the root of a bloom and that, exactly under the flower, the pigment switch. If you’ve got a pigment map to consult, you’ll have a good idea how to match that altered in pigment. If you’re coating a countryside, you don’t want the grass to be one, unvaried green because the effect “wouldve been” flat and uninteresting. You want to create assortment in your parks, and consulting your pigment map will inform you of preferences you are not able to have thought of on your own: for example, violet mixed with Hooker’s green or indigo mixed with raw sienna.

To acquire your pigment map , use a half or one-quarter sheet of watercolor article in order to be allowed to affix the completed map in your studio. If you’re working in a cramped room, use 81/2 x11 expanses and keep them in a folder. Start by making a grid of 1- or 1/2 -inch squares. You’ll want to be able to paint at the least 8 to 10 squares of pigment, with grid pipelines between them, along the top and down the side of the paper.

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