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Established in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig and Sara (his wife), Justanswer has grown to be one of the most prolific question-answer online platforms. Simply put, Justanswer is one of the largest online Expert marketplaces which globally connect people who’re seeking answers with established experts from different fields such as medicine, law, Engineering, Veterinary, and Automotives. This platform has helped 9+ million people around the globe get accurate and affordable answers, giving them peace of mind in the long run.










Their mission

Their mission and vision are simple: To provide a reliable online platform where people can connect with verified experts quickly, expediently, and at pocket-friendly prices.

Being an online platform, just answer thrives in providing quality services that are guided by the following key values:


They never compromise on quality. To provide better services to customers, Justanswer subjects its experts to an 8-step Expert Quality Process. In addition, all credentials are verified by the quality assessment department before hiring any expert.


Justanswer endeavors to respond to customer needs swiftly so that customers can get their questions answered in the quickest time possible. They have devised a 24/7 Expert Helpdesk .In fact, on average, Justanswer is one of the leading question-answer platforms in terms of customer wait time-8 minutes.


Justanswer has made it a tradition to quench an ever-thirsty customer satisfaction. For instance, if a client is not satisfied, they will issue a refund.

What makes just answer unique?

  1. Free registration. Joining just answer platform is free of charge. They don’t charge anything to maintain your account unless you’ve enrolled yourself in their monthly membership programs .However; you’ll only be charged a one-time fee the moment you post your first question.
  2. Anonymity and security .Being an online forum, Justanswer requires customers to remain anonymous to the general public by registering themselves using anonymous usernames and not their real names.
  3. One on one attention. Just answer is a customized online expert platform with personalized customer attention. Therefore, it’s pointless to seek bogus answers from community forums, overwhelming search results, or confusing web research when you can quickly contact them for all answers at an incredibly cheap price.
  1. Variety of Experts. Clarity is important. And the right answer can be provided by the right Expert. With its experts from different fields, you’re guaranteed the value of your money.
  2. Money back guaranteed. The platform has incorporated measures such as expert verification and screening for improved service delivery.

Justanswer will answer your question effectively, conclusively, and at an affordable price. Get in touch with them for premium question-answer services!

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