Kaspersky Weighs In on Antivirus Death Debate

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Kaspersky Weighs In on Antivirus Death Debate

Symantec’s feature getting declarations that antivirus is “dead” have been marked a showcasing stunt by adversary Kaspersky Lab.

Symantec Corp’s. feature getting decrees that antivirus is “dead” have been marked a promoting stunt by adversary Kaspersky Lab ZAO.

The endpoint security goliath this week issued a merciless appraisal of antivirus’ weaknesses as it reported it is re-designing its business to concentrate more on “recognize and react,” as opposed to its customary mantra of “ensure.”

Yet, the remarks stuck in the throat of Kaspersky senior security scientist Costin Raiu, who cautioned there is no “enchantment shot” that can explain all the business’ ills.

Antivirus in its customary mark filter structure has been “dead for a considerable length of time” as the sole strategy for assurance, he said in a blog entry: “Along these lines, you may have heard that hostile to infection has been professed dead – once more.”

“Typically, such “enormous” declarations are utilized when an IT security organization needs to report “another” innovation arriving,” he included, contending that Trend Micro had utilized the same strategies as far back as 2008 to advance its cloud security stage.

Symantec guaranteed that AV now gets only 45 percent of cyberattacks, however Raiu said it was silly to evaluate the issue in these terms.

Customary AV has been supplanted by a more modern heap of advances joining heuristics, sandbox analyzers, cloud notoriety and white-posting innovations, Raiu included.

“Each real player today has effectively adjusted to these patterns. Really, the individuals who didn’t adjust essentially vanished,” he said.

“Ordinarily new advancements have developed which should get to be ‘enchantment shots’ to spare the world from malware and make customary (mark based) antivirus innovation to a great extent outdated. Nonetheless, it generally turns out to be rapidly evident they’re not enchantment slugs by any stretch of the imagination, and all that happens is that the new advances are essentially added to IT security organizations’ current insurance innovations, which thus reinforces the level of security in general.”

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