Learning How To Draw Comic Books

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Creating comic books is a great literary form. Unlike a drawing or sketch, a comic book has entertainment value and a story telling quality. Creating a comic book can be a creative outlet to relieve stress and release emotion. In order to create a comic book, one should learn how to draw comic books in the correct way.

The first step is to create a certain style of drawing that can be used to represent the characters and elements of the comic book. This will depend on the theme of your comic book. A more serious theme will call for more dramatic illustrations and lighter theme will call for a more comical drawing style.


Developing your own unique style of illustration is important when learning to draw comic books. Be patient and do not rush into developing your personal style. A novice comic book illustrator should learn some basic rules. Some basic elements will ensure proper creation of your comic book and will build the foundation upon which skills will be built. When learning how to draw comic books,there are basic elements that should be paid attention to.

Story Board: A story board is very important in comic book creation. It is essentially the rough flow of the story and a plan of how you are going to tell it. A story board is a set of rough sketches that will show how the story will progress from beginning to end. It is a guide for making the different scenes.

Paneling: The paneling process is the creation of scenes on panels that will be distributed to the pages. The panels will contain text materials and artwork. Larger panels are used for the more important scenes, so it is very important to know how to allocate the pages properly.

Effects: Various effects are used to to emphasize panels. An effect is an exaggeration that will draw a reader’s attention top an element. Some of the more popular effects are, the exaggeration of certain elements, zooming in and out and bleeding out of the pages.

Dialogue Bubbles: A dialogue bubble is the balloon of text that show what a character is thinking or saying. Balance of dialogue is important so that it does not take up a lot of space on the page.

There are more advanced techniques to learn after the basics. After an artist has learned how to draw comic books, techniques such as inking and coloring could be used on more intermediate projects.

It is true there are many more advanced techniques which can be learned, however the basic techniques should be established before moving on. An individual could have a creative hobby that could turn into a lucrative side line when learning how to draw comics.

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