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Sanyo Small HD Cams

Sanyo has recently brought a new level of credability to dual use, video and still image cameras with the introduction of the new Xacti HD1. With @Jarvis Landry Jersey measurements of 3.1X4, 7X1.4 inches and 8.3 ounces, it is easily the smallest camera to record 720p high definition video. It will also capture 5.1 MP… Read More »

Canon 35MM EOS – 4 Things You Should Know

Your Canon 35MM EOS line is considered one of the best camera lines for those looking for SLR cameras. The DSLR cameras produced by Canon are known for providing crisp, professional photographs. They are also known for providing consumers with simple user interfaces; holding nearly 40 percent of the worldwide DSLR market. If you are… Read More »