Whаt Рrојесt Маnаgеmеnt Ѕоftwаrе Саn Dо

By | November 23, 2016

??t ?nl? d??s ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r? ??d ?n ?n?r??s?ng ?r?du?t?v?t?, ?t d?v?l??s ??mmun???t??n b?tw??n r?m?t? t??m m?mb?rs. ??w?v?r, th?s? ?r? n?t th? ?nl? f??tur?s ?f th? s?ftw?r? ???k?g? but th?s ?rt??l? w?ll d?s?uss ?nl? n?n? ?f th?m.

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??n?g?ng ?r????ts ?m?l??s ?r??t?v?t?, ?nd ?r??t?v?t? ?nt??ls ? l?ttl? “t??hn???l” str?ss. ?dd?ng t? th?t ?h?ll?ng? ?s m?n?g?m?nt ?f r?m?t? ?m?l????s, wh? ?r? h?r?d b? sm?ll ?nd m?d?um ?rg?n?z?t??ns t? s?v? ?n ??sts.

??mmun???t??n b?tw??n r?m?t? t??m m?mb?rs ??n b? t?m?-??nsum?ng but w?th th? us? ?f ? ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r? s?lut??n, ???rd?n?t??n b???m?s h?rm?n??us, ?v?n wh?l? ???rt. ?t ??rm?ts ???h r?m?t? ?m?l???? t? ???ld r??l-t?m? ?r?du?t??n ?nd m?d?f? ?r????t d?t??ls fr?m ? s?ngl? ?nt?rf???. ??r??v?r, ?r????t m?n?g?rs ?r? ?bl? t? f??us ?n th? ?r????t ?nd m?n?t?r th? f?n?n???ls fr?m th? s?m? s?ftw?r?, r?sult?ng ?n ?g?l? turn?r?unds, s?t?sf??d ?ust?m?rs, ?nd ?m?r?v?d s?l?s.

??n? th?ngs ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r? ??n d?, ?m?ng m?n? ?th?rs.

1) D?v?l??s ???mw?rk

???ms th?t w?rk t?g?th?r, st?? t?g?th?r. Wh?t?v?r b??sts t??m ??ll?b?r?t??n ??s?t?v?l? ?ff??ts ?r?du?t?v?t? ?nd s?l?s. ? s?ftw?r? s?lut??n ??rm?ts t??m m?mb?rs t? ??mmun???t? ?nd w?rk ?n ?n? s????, g?v?ng th?m ? f??l?ng ?f b?l?ng?ngn?ss. ?r?ns??r?n?? ?s k?? t? ?rg?n?z?t??ns th?t ?r? su???ssful.

2) ?n?r??s?s ?r?du?t?v?t?

? ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?st?m ?s ?bl? t? t?m?l?t? ?n?? ? ?r????t h?s b??n ?r??t?d. Fr?m ?t, ?ll m?mb?rs ?f th? t??m ?r? ?bl? t? s?? th??r t?sks, wh?n th?? ?r? ?????t?d t? ??m?l?t? ?t, ?nd st?rt t? g?t th? ??b d?n?. ??rf?rm?n?? ?s h?ghl? ?m?r?v?d b???us? ?f r??l-t?m? r???rts ?nd ??ntr?l ????ss, br?ng?ng ?n r????t ?ust?m?rs ?nd r?f?rr?ls.

3) R?v??ls R?sks ??f?r? ?h?? ????m? ?r?bl?ms

?n ?rg?n?z?t??n’s ?n?ubus ?s t? b?g?n ? ?r????t t?? s??n ?nd b? ??su?lt? ?f un?????t?d ??r?ls. R?sks d? n?t ?lw??s ?r?s?nt th?ms?lv?s, ?t t?k?s ?n?l?s?s t? b? ??rt??n; h?w?v?r, s?ftw?r? s?lut??ns f?r?w?rn ??u ?f l??b?l?t??s th?t n??d t? b? ?ddr?ss?d, r?sult?ng ?n s?v?ngs ?n t?m? ?nd m?n??.

4) L?ts Y?u ??? ?ut G?m? ?l?ns

Y?u g?t t? ?l?? w?th str?t?g? ??t??ns ?n ??tr?m?l? ?rg?n?z?d m?nn?r w?th ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r?. Y?u ??n ?n?l?z? ??ur ?r????t fr?m d?ff?r?nt ?ngl?s ?nd m?k? th? ??rf??t d???s??n ?n h?w t? r?s?lv? ?ssu?s ?nd m?v? f?rw?rd, str??ml?n?ng r?sks ?nd s?t?sf??ng ?l??nts.

5) ??ds ?n ??st ??n?g?m?nt

?tud??s fr?m ?n ?ngl?sh un?v?rs?t? sh?w?d th?t l?rg? ?? ?r????ts ?ft?n @Dak Prescott Youth Jersey ?????d 45% ?f th? @Jameis Winston Womens Jersey ?st?m?t?d ????ns?s. ?r????t m?n?g?rs w?th l?ss ????r??n?? m?ght ?v?r- ?r und?r-fund ?r????ts but s?ftw?r? s?lut??ns h?v? r?l?v?nt f??tur?s f?r m?n?t?r?ng ?nd ??m?ut?ng f?n?n??s ?n ??tu?l t?m?.

6) ??l?s ?n ?r????t ??l??t??n

??st ?rg?n?z?t??ns h?ndl? num?r?us @Adam Thielen Womens Jersey ?r????ts ?t th? s?m? t?m?, ?nd kn?w?ng wh??h t? ?r??r?t?z? ?s ? ??n??rn b?st d?n? w?th ? ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r? ???k?g?. W?th ? s?ftw?r? s?lut??n, r?sks ?r? ??nf?rm?d ?nd ?r????t b?n?f?ts ?r? ?llustr?t?d b?f?r? ??u st?rt. ?s ? r?sult, t??m ?ff????n?? ?s ?m?r?v?d.

7) ?r??ks ?r????t U?d?t?s

??n?t?r?ng ???h m?mb?r ?f ? ?r????t v?? ?m??l ??n b? t???ng ?nd h?m??r?ng. Us?ng ?r????t m?n?g?m?nt s?ftw?r?, ?r????t ?nv?st?rs ?nd m?n?g?rs ??n tr??k ?r?gr?ss r???rts ?n r??l-t?m?, r?sult?ng ?n ?d?nt?f???t??n ?nd r?s?lut??n ?f ?ssu?s ?n ? ?r????t.

8) ?nh?n??s ?ust?m?r ??rv???

????us? ?f th? us? ?f th? s?ftw?r? ???k?g?, ?r????ts st?rt qu??k?r, wh??h s?t?sf??s ??ur ?l??nts. ?h?s r?sults ?n ?n?r??s?d ?n ??t?nt??l ?ust?m?rs thr?ugh W?rd-?f-m?uth, ? r?l??bl? m?rk?t?ng t??hn?qu?.

9) ?dv?n??d ?h??d ?f ??m??t?t??n

?n? ?f th? b?gg?st ?dv?nt?g?s ?f us?ng ? ?r????t s?ftw?r? s?lut??n ?s g?tt?ng ?h??d ?f ??ur r?v?ls. ??t?sf??d ?ust?m?rs g?v? gr??t r?v??ws, wh??h ?n?r??s?s ??ur ?nl?n? ?r?s?n??. ?f ??u h?v? ? w?bs?t?, g??d r?v??ws g? ? l?ng w??.

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